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One day I’m gonna post a selfie and its gonna get, like, tens of notes

y’all ain’t ready 



"See Yourself As Any Princess" | Art series by Precious Henshaw.

**Prints available for purchase on my online shop:**

What it’s about: An artistic depiction of several popular, fictional princesses envisioned as Black girls.

Why I did this: Sometime in my teen years, when I was tutoring elementary school children, I overheard two Black girls talking about wanting to be Cinderella for Halloween. Another girl interrupted them and said, “You can’t be Cinderella, because you’re Black!” It bothered me. When my little cousins came along and they began to take interest in princesses, I often wondered how they felt about not looking like some of the popular ones, such as Cinderella and Snow White. Would they play princess happily until someone came and told them that they could never be a certain princess, because they are Black? It’s no secret that when the majority of characters on TV are white, some young Black girls can have a hard time identifying with them without feeling as though they needed to change their appearance in order to look more like them.

This art series is not meant to merely change white characters into ones of color, but rather to encourage my younger girl cousins - and any other young Black girl I might inspire - to see themselves as any princess they want to be, without feeling the need to change their skin or their hair.

Check out my online shop at where I am selling prints of my artwork.

Find me on Instagram: @precioushenshaw


I’m in love with her.


Are we going to talk about the episode where the tubby toast machine malfunctions and spews tubby toast everywhere and these fuckers party like look at them your toast machine busted ass and you’re rolling around in smiley bread my entire life